Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation among those to invest in Harmony Public Schools’ future

Take a look at some of the recent grants bestowed upon Harmony and learn how they are being utilized to create new opportunities for our students and educators.


  • Race to the Top – District ($30 million): Promotes personalized learning for all students through technology integration, data dashboards, and creating blended learning environments.
  • Teacher Incentive Fund ($26.7 million): Invests in personalized, professional learning and competency-based, career growth opportunities for educators to improve student outcomes, as well as rewarding high-performing educators with merit-based bonuses.
  • Education Innovation Research ($8 million): Strengthens an early foundation in STEM education in elementary schools by integrating technology and project-based learning into the STEM curriculum, while focusing on growing strong elementary teachers in STEM.
  • Principal Preparation Grant ($2 million): Provides scholarships for 30 aspiring school leaders in Harmony districts across Texas to earn their master’s degree and principal’s certification.
  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation ($14.5 million): Creates innovative STEM pathways for high school students and establishes cutting edge science and engineering labs to deliver a hands-on project-based learning curriculum to ensure college-ready graduates and create a STEM pipeline to college.


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