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Benefits of Home Visits


  • Students whose parents agree to home visits, have better behavior and conduct
  • Exceptional academic performance
  • Higher standardized test scores
  • A better ease at learning, and trust of their teacher.
  • Forms a higher level of respect for teachers, themselves and others.


  • Creates a trusting bond between the teacher and parent.
  • Parents feel confident that their child’s future is in the hands of teachers who go beyond the call of duty to guarantee each student’s prosperity.
  • Parents are informed of their child’s progress at all times.
  • Allows parents to become a part of the school environment.


  • Teachers feel confident knowing that they can provide students with the utmost assistance in their academic journey.
  • The teacher’s mainly benefit from the genuinely good feeling they have after watching the student’s that they taught succeed throughout their life.
  • "With all the students, once they come back to the class their demeanor changes, their attitude changes. They feel a connection to you.“

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Harmony Public Schools (HPS) is a Texas-­based public charter school system that serves over 35,000 students in kindergarten through 12th grade. As part of HPS engagement process, the school system implemented a home visit program. Its inaugural year was during the 2000-­2001 school year. The program continues in HPS today, where training is done during each school’s In-­service programs for school personnel who will participate in the program. The purpose of the home visit program is to build relationships between the school and the home, informing parents of student specific classroom information, as well as various HPS programs and school events that are available.

Teachers are making home visits in order to better meet the needs of the child and family. In promoting a partnership between parents and teachers, home visits provide the means for effective team problem solving, observing children in their home environment, and encouraging parent involvement. It also creates a personal bond between the students, parents, and teachers to ensure optimum success. In addition, it provides a sense of security for the parents to know that their children are in good and caring hands, and allows the parent to give feedback on their student’s academic experience.

They form a relationship through which they can share dreams, expectations, and tools regarding the child’s academic success. Teachers learn more about their students, involve parents more in their child’s education

Year Established
Schools Participating
Home Visits Completed*
Educators Involved*

*during 2020-2021 education year despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Why Home Visits?

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