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We thank all of our families for partnering with us to provide rigorous, high-quality education for their students. It’s our hope that by joining together we can increase student success through meaningful activities, programs and services.

Harmony Public Schools welcomes you and your students to our family.

We’re thrilled you’ve chosen our school to assist your students in achieving their academic goals. Our engagement officers and college counselors provide our students with the resources and support needed to successfully transition from high school to college where our Harmony alumni organizations are ready and willing to provide the social and emotional support to help our high school graduates finish their college degrees.

Harmony has introduced Skyward Family Access to connect you to your student's grades, schedule, and general information.

The space and incredible resources given by Harmony helped fuel my hunger for knowledge that continues today. Without that space, I know that I would not be where I am today.

Ashley | Harmony Alum & Northwestern PhD Candidate

Harmony was really diverse, both in student and teacher population, which is one of the best things about the schools.

Charles | Harmony, Harvard & TAMU Law AlumMcCaul

Harmony changed my life because the environment was built just to do exactly that, to nurture the minds of children and to alter their futures in a positive way.

Jackson | Harmony and UH Alum

Thanks to the dedication and support of my Harmony family, at just 16 years old, I was able to gain admittance to the 2006 entering class at Rice University here in Houston, with most of my tuition covered by scholarships.

Angelina | Harmony and Rice Alum

I am very impressed with the quality and the expertise you have here for robotics.

Brandon | Harmony and UT Austin Alum
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Skyward Family Access

We are pleased to offer Skyward Family Access to our Harmony families. Skyward is our state wide student information system, and all families will have access.

You'll be able to view your child’s schedule, daily attendance, quarter/semester grades, gradebooks, and access general and emergency information. The data is stored on a secure server, and you'll be able to access the information using a unique login and password. Family Access will be available anywhere with an internet connection.

How do I get access?

Parents will be granted access to Skyward Family Access when after enrolling your student through the online registration process. Campuses will send you your login credentials.

Skyward Guide EN Skyward Guide ES System Requirements

How do I login using a phone or other mobile device ?

Mobile access to your student's information is a great way to stay connected, even while on the go. Parents can see which class their child is in, or their grade on the latest exam.

Choose between your wi-fi network, or wirelessly on your handheld device.

Download the mobile app that gives you access to your student's information right from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. The answer to your family's on the go needs.

Download the app

Parent Engagement

Harmony Public Schools thanks all of our families for partnering with us to provide rigorous, high-quality education for their students. It’s our hope that by joining together we can increase student success through meaningful activities, programs and services.

Family involvement is shown to improve student academic performance, school attendance, and decrease discipline problems. We invite all parents and guardians to volunteer at their campus today!

Harmony’s Home Visit Program is one way our staff supports students and families through the educational process. Harmony teachers visit more than 7,000 homes each year to answer any questions families might have, often helping parents work through confusion about the college application process or provide student resources.

We want to ensure our students know that they have the support of both their school and their family in their academic pursuits. Educators from all grades have made the commitment to build communication between themselves and families by visiting the homes of their students.

We encourage you to contact your campus to request your home visit today!

Parents play a significant role in supporting their children’s health and learning, guiding their children successfully through school processes, and advocating for their children and for the effectiveness of schools. Parent engagement in schools is defined as parents and school staff working together to support and improve the learning, development, and health of children and adolescents. To increase parent engagement in school health, schools must make a positive connection with parents. Schools should also provide a variety of activities and frequent opportunities to fully engage parents such as:

  1. Opening day activity: Barbecue, etc.
  2. “Parenting Can Be Fun” Workshop/Conferences.
  3. Family adventures within one hour’s drive.
  4. Helping your child choose alternatives to alcohol or drugs.
  5. Math festival
  6. Health night/physical fitness.
  7. Family science fair
  8. Summer make-and-take (reinforcement activities for summer).
  9. MEAP night.
  10. Coffee with the principal.
  11. Pumpkin decorating/pumpkin facts and scary stories
  12. Family board game series.
  13. Positive discipline
  14. Classroom/class newsletters/hotlines
  15. Monthly learning nights with a potluck
  16. Career days
  17. Programs for multicultural awareness and appreciation
  18. Volunteers can help struggling students read tests, listen to their reading, and chaperon field trips
  19. Frequent traveler passports with students’ pictures on them-each time a parent attends an event, the child gets a stamp in his/her passport. After four stamps, his/her name goes into a drawing.
  20. Create something special for non-English speaking families
  21. Build a family timeline night (History)

Good education begins at home and our Parent Academy is designed to help families provide the support needed for their students’ success. Through a series of workshops during and after school parents will learn specific student support skills such as student advocacy, financial empowerment, digital literacy and post-secondary access.

Extracurricular Activities

At Harmony Public Schools we believe that every aspect of life provides an avenue for learning. Our campuses provide a wide array of extracurricular activities that focus on promoting Harmony’s core values through teamwork, sportsmanship and integrity.

Students are encouraged to take leadership roles in any clubs, groups or teams on campus and to build lasting friendships through a common commitment to service and learning. For starting your own club or group on campus, please read the requirements in the tabbed sections below


  • Every activity should further student character
  • Each group/team/club is required to have a faculty advisor
  • Each club/team is required to adhere to the bylaws of the governing organization
  • Students may only serve as the president of a club/organization for the duration of one school year
  • Students may only serve as president of one club/organization each year
  • Groups/teams/clubs must adhere to the mission and calendar of Harmony Public Schools
  • Any organization on campus must be approved by the campus principal

Student Clubs & Organizations

  • In order to fulfill our mission in the area of leadership and instruction, Harmony Public Schools offers a wide variety of activities to meet the needs of our student body and to broaden and support their leadership experience. We encourage all students to consider investing in the enrichment opportunities provided by organizational and club memberships. Please note that a student may hold only one major leadership position within the school year. Please refer to the individual constitutional guidelines of each organization for further details.

    • Student clubs and organizations must have a faculty advisor who will be present at all club/organization functions.
    • Student clubs and organizations must submit their club applications and be approved by the campus principal.

    Through these organizations, Harmony Public Schools’ students will be provided opportunities to interact socially with their peers with the intent of forming lasting friendships and bonds. Moreover students will benefit by developing leadership skills and learning the value of responsibility, persistence and completion.

    Club Names:
    • Student Government
    • NHS
    • Key Clubs

College and Career Success


To build a strong and sustainable college and career bound atmosphere throughout our schools by connecting our students with our alumni and increasing their career, leadership, social and emotional readiness.


To raise responsible, caring, and productive citizens who are college, career, and life ready.


  • To build a sustainable college bound school culture that promotes the importance of higher education by linking Harmony students with Harmony alumni.

  • To create a smooth transition from high school to college for Harmony seniors by providing engagement and networking opportunities with alumni.

  • To help and support Harmony alumni in an effort to increase Harmony’s college enrollment and completion rates.
  • To build a sustainable college bound school culture that promotes the importance of higher education by linking Harmony students with Harmony alumni.
  • To create a smooth transition from high school to college for Harmony seniors by providing engagement and networking opportunities with alumni
  • To help and support Harmony alumni in an effort to increase Harmony’s college enrollment and completion rates.
-To foster a network of successful alumni whom future alumni and students will be able to access and depend on.

What is The College Transition Program?

The College Transition Program is designed to link graduating Harmony seniors to current college attendees, bridging the educational achievement gap among underserved communities statewide. Harmony Public Schools serves a large population of first generation college students and works to ensure they receive the support and encouragement needed to successfully complete their higher education. During the program, students participate in informative and interactive activities within a collaborative environment.

Senior College Transition Events Jan - May
  • Individual college transition advising
  • Pre-college orientation by Alumni College Student Organizations
  • Senior-Alumni college networking event
  • College transition workshops for seniors
  • College panel
Summer Melt Program Jun - Aug
  • College enrollment advising
  • Connecting seniors with current alumni
  • Keeping college going motivation high
Fall College Check-Ins Sep - Oct
  • Visit incoming freshmen in college to ensure enrollment
  • Connect freshmen with alumni during their most crucial year in college
  • Frequent involvement with Harmony alumni organizations to increase our seniors’ self-efficacy and motivation.

The purpose of HPS-College partnership is to create a trusting bond between HPS and University to cultivate persistent, college-bound, and college-ready students. Pursuant to this partnership will work together to design programs that encourage college retention, strong academic performance, and college graduation.

Harmony Alumni

HPS and INROADS signed official MOU in March 2012. Both parties agree to form partnership to collaborate and deliver high caliber STEM-focused students taught by highly-qualified math and science teachers and create opportunities for students to garner and obtain personal, academic and professional development, training and skills. The mission of INROADS is to develop and place talented underserved youth in business and industry and prepare them for corporate and community leadership. Our leadership development process provides training, career-related internships, coaching and mentoring.

Inroads Logo

Harmony Public Schools partners with SIXUP to help financial needs of its alumni. SIXUP is a public benefit corporation that serves low-income, underrepresented and first-generation student-achievers with greatest financial need by pooling impact investors into subsidized student loans and programmatic debt relief tied to achievement milestones.

Sixup Logo

Harmony Public Schools ssigned a MOU with the United for College Success (UFCS) Coalition made up of eight Texas Charter Managing Organizations and three ISDs. Founded in January 2012, the mission of the UFCS coalition is to think innovatively about how to collectively support their alumni in college and develop student success strategies that will increase the college persistence and completion rates among their college age alumni from these schools.

Founded in January 2012, the mission of the UFCS is to think innovatively about how to collectively support their alumni in college and develop student success strategies that will increase the college persistence and completion rates among their college age alumni from these schools.

Harmony Honors Scholarship

Harmony Public Schools (“HPS”), a non-profit educational organization operating high performing K–12 college preparatory charter schools in the state of Texas, intends to offer scholarships to HPS graduates. These scholarships, known as a Harmony Honors Scholarship (“HHS”), are offered to eligible HPS graduates pursuing an undergraduate degree from a college or university ranked 1-100 in the annual US News & World Report “Best Colleges” publication. Under the HHS program, HPS graduates who demonstrate excellent and outstanding academic achievement and gain admission to an approved college, and who meet certain eligibility requirements set by HPS, may be awarded a scholarship valued at $1,000 per academic year(consisting of a $500 installment in the Fall semester and a $500 installment in the Spring semester).

Grow Your Own Teacher Program

The mission of HPS is to prepare students for academic success in their future education, enable students to have a broad spectrum of options for their future endeavors, and to prepare them to be effective, responsible, and productive citizens.

In support of this mission and vision, the HPS Board of Directors has established the Grow Your Own Teacher Educational Assistance Program (“the GYOT Program”), which identifies and supports students and graduates of the HPS program, assisting them in attaining an undergraduate degree and a Texas teaching certificate, and then returning them to HPS in an instructional capacity that uses their experience and success in the HPS program to deliver high quality instruction to HPS students.


Expedition / Exploration

Study Abroad Programs are for experiential education. Picture the world as your classroom with each destination a new interactive textbook!However, instead of reading, students are experiencing history, art, culture, fashion, and food and the arts in real-time! Maybe you have traveled overseas and had a taste of exploring a foreign city, a sandy beach, or a historical landmark. If you are looking for another opportunity to go abroad,and to discover, learn, understand and connect with new people, studying abroad is a great option. With Harmony Public Schools’ Study Abroad programs, U.S. high school students have the incredible opportunity to see the world and increase their global awareness. You’ll take classes in the foreign universities and live with a native host family, which will challenge you to push your own boundaries and immerse yourself in another language and culture.

And with more than 4 study locations around the world, you’ll find a Harmony Public Schools Study Abroad program that both challenges and inspires you.

The following rules apply to field trips/social events:

  • A student must have written permission from the parent/guardian
  • Students must travel by transportation provided by the school except when accompanied by their parent. Parents may not transport any other child but their own.
  • Clothing worn is at the discretion of the administration. Students must wear modest swimwear on all trips that involve water activities. For example, boys are expected to wear knee-length, properly fitting swim trunks, and girls are expected to wear one-piece bathing suits.
  • All school rules are in effect during field trips and misconduct will be handled through the school’s regular disciplinary process.
  • The administration will determine the number of sponsors necessary.

It is the student’s responsibility to obtain and complete all assignments before the trip commences. Students with excessive absences, academic, or behavioral problems may be required to remain on campus

Each summer Harmony Public Schools are especially designed to offer opportunities for young people to try new things, learn, grow and make friendships that last forever. Summer Leadership & STEM Program offers unique chances for students to experience classroom lessons in a natural environment as well as University Resident Halls. Camps are also designed to teach the principles of effective leadership and to provide practical experience in applying these skills as student. These camps are offered for middle and high school students at various campsites and college campuses .

For middle schools, HPS provides different activities such as aquatic study, archery, canoeing, geocaching, geology, trail of painted ponies, owl science, wilderness survival, writing in nature, reading time, art classes, character building opportunities, guest speakers including academic and social contents.

For high schools, HPS provides academic, leadership and social based activities such as 3D Animations using Alice, Java and C+ Programming, Cyber Security, Mobile Apps using MIT App Inventor, Drawings using JavaScript, SAT/PSAT Prep, Hands-on with Robots, basketball, soccer, leadership talk series etc...

Welcome to Summer Leadership STEM Camps!

We are anticipating an exciting summer of activities for our campers, and you are an important part of the success. Excellent staff produces excellent programs, and that is our goal. . It will also help you understand the philosophy and goals behind the summer camp programs, your role, and the conditions for your employment.


The mission of the HPS Summer Leadership STEM Camps is to provide high quality, diverse and accessible programs, services and facilities that enhance the quality of life for all ages, cultures, and abilities.

Camps' Goals

Our Mission Statement (above) is the key principle that guides the summer camp program. How does the Engagement & Support Department define an outstanding camp?

An Outstanding Camp is a place where children are valued.

  • All Staff view each child as a unique individual with something special to offer.
  • All Staff show an interest in each child, calling them by name, communicating individually with them, and listening to what they have to say.
  • All Staff take time with the children, communicating that being with children in general and them in particular is fun.
  • All Staff create an environment where the focus is on the interests and needs of children.
  • An Outstanding Summer Leadership STEM Camp is a place that is fun and exciting for children.
  • Activities are varied to meet a range of interests, abilities and needs.
  • Activities invite participation; they are fresh, interactive and inclusive.
  • Camp provides children with choices and opportunities for self-expression.
  • Staff is enthusiastic, energetic and fun to be around; they are well-prepared and competent.
  • An Outstanding Summer Program is a safe place.
  • Campers are well supervised in every situation throughout the camp day.
  • Staff is vigilant; they constantly monitor the camp site for safety hazards.
  • Safety is a first priority, and every activity takes safety into consideration.
  • Campers are taught good safety measures as part of the camp routine.

An Outstanding Summer Program provides a great summer experience at a convenient location at an affordable price.

  • Camps are offered at sites that are generally easy for parents to reach.
  • Camps are provided at the lowest possible price and are more affordable than camps offered by the private sector.
  • Financial assistance is provided so all families can send their children to camp.

Most summer programs governed by this manual operate from 4 to 6 nights (Overnights) during the summer. Camps include;

  • STEM activities, Leadership talks, Leadership activities, Recreational Activities, Teamwork activities, Reading sessions, Character building sessions,

The Performing arts program helps to enrich students and give a better understanding of the community of which they are a part of.. They act as a window to the larger world of performing arts by staging high-quality productions and attracting top talent to teach and perform. Harmony Public Schools offers dance, singing and glee clubs for students. They can engage in their chosen field. These performing arts activities or clubs are substantial to children’s long-term social, emotional and cognitive development. These activities help them to be healthy and happy, honest and ethical, and caring and compassionate.

Students enrolled in the dance and music clubs have the opportunities to join the stage performances and competitions in HPS campuses, national and international festivals.Engagement Department gives support to the LOTE for their chosen kids on the stage activities.

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