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Harmony Public Schools Enrollment Lottery

Each year, tens of thousands of families apply for free enrollment to Harmony Public Schools. For some campuses, that means Harmony receives more student applicants than our TEA-approved school capacity. When that is the case, Harmony utilizes a computer-based “blind lottery” system to select applicants for enrollment in a way that ensures fairness and equal opportunity for all.

Please enter your lottery access code to stream your campus lottery below. You should have received the access code while enrolling.

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What is the purpose of the Harmony Public Schools open enrollment lottery?

To provide a fair and transparent method for determining which applicants will be chosen to enroll in the Harmony school of their choice for the upcoming school year.

What happens next if my child is selected in the lottery?

The campus will notify the parents directly, and provide next-steps for finalizing the application and locking in the student’s place for the following school year.

Does the lottery system have preferential treatment according to order of application?

No, the lottery system’s purpose is to be fair to give every applicant an equal opportunity at being selected for admission.

When will I be notified of the lottery’s decision?

Parents will be notified shortly after selection and provided next-steps for completing the admissions process. Parents may also view the status of their application by logging into the Smart Choice portal through which they submitted their application.

Do I have to reapply to the lottery every year?

Current Harmony students wishing to stay at the same school the following year, or who will be progressing to a feeder campus (ex. promoted from elementary to middle school) do not need to apply for Open Enrollment and will not be entered into the lottery. The lottery is solely for prospective new Harmony students, or current Harmony students wishing to change campuses for other reasons (ex. To be closer to a parent’s workplace).

How does the lottery system work?

To ensure fairness and accuracy, the lottery is administered by an independent 3rd-party system that randomly selects students who have applied to attend their selected school during the enrollment period, November 1- February 10. The lottery is overseen by the campus principal and/or district superintendent, and the results are verified by a notary public.

What if my child’s name is not selected in the lottery?

If your child is not chosen for admission during the lottery process, they will be assigned a position on our “wait list.” As a new opening at the school becomes available, wait list families will be contacted for admission in the order in which they appear on the waitlist.

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