ESSER Funds - Harmony Public Schools

Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief
(ESSER) Funds Allocation

Under the ESSER Fund, established as part of the Education Stabilization Fund in the CARES Act,1 State educational agencies award subgrants to local educational agencies to address the impact of COVID-19 on elementary and secondary schools. Below is a breakdown how Harmony Public Schools will utilize funds received through ESSER.

ESSER Funding Allocation by District
Central Texas $12,504,940
Houston South $19,061,872
Houston West $10,888,837
Houston North $18,214,777
North Texas $28,252,376
West Texas $14,761,864
South Texas $21,285,599
GRAND TOTAL $124,970,265
Accelerated Learning
Interventions, Reading Specialists, Campus Coaches, Closing Instructional Gap, Summer And Saturday Schools $40-45 Million
Social Emotional Learning & Family Support
SEL Behavioral Counselors, College and Career Counselors $15-17 Million
Instructional Resources & Tools
Reading Programs, Homework Support Coordinators $10-12 Million
Retention of Highly Effective Staff
$50-55 Million
Campus Infrastructure Upgrades for Safer & Healthier Schools
HVAC-Ventilation, Filtration, UVGI Upgrades Recommended by the CDC $5-7 Million

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