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At Harmony Public Schools, understanding life while enhancing our students’ capabilities are our number one priority. With our after school programs, we offer multiple avenues of programs and clubs that can easily fit into your busy schedules. After school is dismissed, your child remains safely on campus while attending the after school program of your choice, led by Harmony staff.

Unlike some schools, our after school programs offer multiple options ranging from interest clubs to athletics and tutoring under the guidance of Harmony teachers. Our certified teachers will guide students through the programs of their choice, while making it fun and more importantly, convenient to your schedule.

Elite Learning Afterschool Care

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Give your child a head start and a great time learning after school with the Elite Learning Afterschool Care program. Harmony students can attend online, while parents can keep up with their child’s attendance to ensure they’ve safely checked in and logged into their after school program. Staff consists of highly qualified, experienced educators with a teacher-to-student ratio as low as 1 to 12. Teachers are able to have more one-on-one interactions and deliver a more impactful education. For more information, visit your school’s website about your campus’s options.

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Our qualified teachers take the time to cultivate students’ learning abilities with our after school tutoring programs. Students have the opportunity to gain a grasp on schoolwork, focus on challenging subjects while getting ahead on nightly homework duties after school has dismissed.


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Keeping students engaged & challenged after school is what Harmony Clubs are all about. We offer an array of clubs, tailored to your child’s interests, while teaching students the foundations of culture, science and the arts. Check your school’s page to see what clubs are offered for your child, and how they can engage after school.

Academic Competitions

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A battle of the minds, not only aligns your child’s mind with our STEM based education, but it allows your child to compete against their peers while making new friends. Our after school academic competitions give your child the opportunity to enhance their learning while accommodating your schedules.


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Instill discipline and fitness in your child while participating in our athletic programs. Students have the opportunity to practice with teammates, compete against peers and athletes across Texas while learning the world of sports after school.


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If you're a student who loves video games or wants to pursue a future in the video gaming industry, our Esports clubs are the perfect way to connect with friends and learn more about the skills needed to turn a hobby into a career. Harmony has Esports clubs at more than 30 campuses across the state. Check your school's page to see if Esports is offered at your school.

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