Fort Worth student dances to remember Mexican heritage

Ha Abby Grmony junior. bolstered excitement for Hispanic Heritage Month this year by dancing across the nation.

Abby attends Harmony School of Innovation-Fort Worth, but spends every spare minute she’s not at school dancing with the Ballet Folklorico Mexico Lindo, a company of 80 dancers who perform traditional choreographed Mexican dances. “I used to play guitar in a Mariachi band, but I like dancing much better,” she said.

Abby, 16, practices with her company two to three days per week and has competed in state and national competitions. Last year, the group won 28 trophies, traveling as far as Cleveland, Ohio, on some of their tours.  “I love dancing because even though it is stressful, you work off the stress as you dance,” Abby said.

Although Abby has danced sporadically throughout her life, her first visit to Mexico this summer inspired her to “to keep (my heritage) alive here in Texas and the U.S.”

Abby isn’t alone. Her two sisters that also dance in the group.  Aileen, 8, and Arelli, 9, both attend Harmony Science Academy in Fort Worth.

Abby said she enjoys being a role model and loves to dance with her sisters.

“It’s wonderful to be able to share my love for dance and my culture with the community,” she said.

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